About Us


Cheated Boutique is a registered sole proprietorship developed and created in Canada. It is managed and operated by Trishawna McIntyre, the owner of the boutique, an international student from Jamaica. The idea for Cheated Boutique was created from Trishawna's eye for fashion and passion for retail.


The company launched in September 2020 with the aim of providing trendy  fashion for the young conventional night life. Our prices are very competitive as we strive to provide the latest styles at very affordable prices. Here at Cheated Boutique, we are aware of the high turnover rate of styles and designs of night life outfits. Our styles and designs are inspired by outfits worn by famous instagram fashion influencers, personalties and celebrities. New styles  and designs are added every week in the standard  sizes of "small", "medium" and "large". With expansion, we intend to include items with more diversity such as "plus size" and "tall". 


Domestic and international shipping is available for all our items.


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